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Android Apps and Google Kill Switch

June 25, 2021 | Tina Chubb

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Android Apps and Google Kill Switch

Even though the Android Market may be open, Google can still control what actually ends up on your Android device and if they feel it is necessary, they can remotely remove the applications. And it appears that Google has done exactly that recently, and removed 2 applications.

According to a recent article by Stan Schroeder, Google claimed that the apps were “built by a security researcher for research purposes” and “were not designed to be used maliciously.” But most users, who had installed them, had already removed the apps themselves.

But Google made the decision to remove the remaining installed copies, possibly not because they thought they were a real threat, but more along the lines of showing that the Android Market is safe. The remote removal feature is just one of the many security controls that Android possesses.

Users already knew before that Google could remotely remove dangerous applications in the Android Market. However, by exercising this for the first time, Google has reminded us all that it keeps a tight rein over the security of Android Market.

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