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iPhone 4 Problems Answered

June 24, 2021 | Peter Chubb
iPhone 4 Problems Answered

Today all we have been hearing is iPhone 4 problems, as today was the day when Apple officially released its new smartphone, but things have not gone according to plan. It seems that some users have experienced a number of iPhone 4 issues – thankfully we have learned that one if these has been answered.

This morning we learned that the screen on the iPhone 4 was suffering from yellowish spots – some had one while others said that they had four of these spots. This led us to believe that Apple would have to issue a recall of these defective units, but we have some good news for you.

According to Paul Miller from Engadget, he learned from AppleInsider that these yellow spots would actually disappear on its own, as it is something to do with the bonding agent used. This agent is called Organofunctional Silane Z-6011 and is used in the process of bonding the layers of glass to each other.

The reason that this problem occurred was due to how quick Apple wanted to get the iPhone 4 out of Foxconn and shipped to customers. This agent did not have time to evaporate, so is still gong through that process – hence the yellow spots.

Once you have been using your iPhone 4 for one or two days this problem will go away, which means that we are still left with the reception issue. If Foxconn knew about this, they should have notified Apple about the issues. However, Apple should have done their homework and made certain how long it takes for a certain products to go though such a phase.

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