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5M Facebook users love Zynga’s FrontierVille game

June 24, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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5M Facebook users love Zynga’s FrontierVille game

As the majority of us are aware of Facebook, and the features it can offer to users, today the social game publisher Zynga, managed to pull more than 5 million daily active users in the new game FrontierVille, that was launched on June 9. Zynga is hoping that since its last launch of major game Treasure Isle, FrontierVille will carry on going from strength to strength.

According to Dean Takahashi at GamesBeat, the new game based on a wild-west theme, is hoping to attract users of all different ages whilst Zynga hope to remain one of the largest social app providers of Facebook. The game includes a virtual family with a customized virtual spouse. Advantages of the game include, users being able to hire their neighbours to help you work on your homestead, therefore, increasing the time spent socially with other people.

According to AppData, Facebook have had more than 211 million monthly active users, but the number is down from 252 million on April 20. Zynga is hoping that their expansion to other target audiences such as users in Japan, publishing on the iPhone and working alongside Yahoo and MSN will not only safeguard their current users, but will attract new ones as well.

Are you a fan of FrontierVille? To read more about this check out GamesBeat

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  1. wilean boote says:

    looking for frontierville friends please.

  2. The game is much more fun than farmville.
    unluckly there is a problem with energy.
    It should be easier to get more energy. You use it up way too fast and then you have to wait to get enough to go back and do another brief session.

  3. hulya says:

    add me please

  4. Alaine says:

    when is zynga gunna make the app for iphone so i can play frontierville on it

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