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Social Media Marketing: England vs. Slovenia World Cup 2010

June 23, 2021 | Tina Chubb


The 2010 FIFA World Cup match between England and Slovenia is only hours away now, with both sides playing for a place in the Round of 16 stages. With technology the way it is now, social media has played a very big part in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

An article over at by Scott Moir of, compares the Social Media marketing strategies of the two teams: England and Slovenia. A particular article – “World Cup 2010 Social Media Marketing UK vs. USA multi Media Strategies” – produced an unintended phenomena.

This was a phenomena that involves an unlikely combination of superstition, the power of Social Media and sports betting. The previous aforementioned article was created and published only hours before the match, in which Scott concluded his comparison as a draw.

When the actual USA vs. England match concluded in a draw itself, people began emailing the point of irony in the Social Media comparison. People then started asking for a comparison for the England vs. Algeria match, which Moir then said was a draw, because of a lack of information.

Again, the match ended in a draw – a scoreless one I hasten to add. Social media comparison takes things such as connecting with your audience, and fostering interactivity into consideration, to come up with the conclusion. So what did Scott come up with for England vs. Slovenia?

The England Football team’s Facebook fan page has over 358,000 fans. The country has an Internet population of around 36 million, which means one out of every 100 has joined the Facebook. Slovenia on the other hand, has 39,000 fans on their Facebook fan page.

And the final outcome….It is very close in comparison, but the edge has been given to England on this one. So based on social media, England win!! But the question is, whether or not they will actually win the game of football? Who do you think will win?

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