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Facebook and problems of political and social engagement

June 23, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Facebook’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, has recently met up with Jeremy Hunt, the culture secretary, to help build David Cameron’s Big Society by using Facebook. While Facebook is one of the biggest online media sites to visit, this may be a good way of users getting involved in the world of politics.

According to Andrew Brown at, the main issue with Facebook is that it is known to be anti-democratic. As we see all to well in the daily media, politics can be a matter of life or death in some countries. It has been found that social networking sites like Facebook and their competitors Twitter, can be a beneficial aid, not just to users but in the hands of the secret police in countries like Russia and China.

Social networking can be a effective tool when used in the manner to which it is intended. Users ideas on political beliefs, can be processed by them expressing their opinions via conversations. With this in mind, the government can listen to what people actually want. Networking sites such as Facebook, will give the government clear instructions as to where they need to be.

What are your opinions on Facebook and politics. Is this a subject that you may like to get involved with? Give us your thoughts.

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