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iPhone iOS 4 Update: This release is about little things

June 21, 2021 | Tina Chubb

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iPhone iOS 4 Update: This release is about little things

With all the excitement of the upcoming release of the new Apple iPhone 4, comes the added excitement of the new iPhone iOS 4 update. After all, without the new iOS 4 operating system, the new iPhone 4 would just be a lump of stylish stainless steel and glass.

As reported by Michael deAgonia at, although the overall feel and look of the iPhone’s operating system remains the same, Apple has made a lot of improvements. And these improvements are what users have been asking for, since the last big update.

However, while there have been a lot of big improvements to the new iPhone iOS 4 such as Multitasking and better app management, this update is also about the little things. For example, with the new iOS 4, the iPhone 3GS will be able to refocus video, while recording.

And while we are on the subject of camera improvements, it appears that the digital zoom has now been enabled for use when taking photos on older models such as the 3GS. The iPod music software appears to have received a few minor tweaks as well.

As an example here, in iPhone OS 3x, the album view listed a shuffle option first, then just a simple song list. The new iOS 4 on the other hand, displays even more information when a specific album is selected; including a song count, release date and album art.

You can read more about the update here.

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  1. markadamsvidioview says:

    The update has really screwed up my iTunes and I can't figure out why. Used to be, if I did More>ALbums and click on the Album name, it would list all the Albums cuts. Now, particularly on compilation albums, it lists all the cuts from that album separately, but there is no way to just select the ENTIRE album (if I click on one of the Album listings, it will list ONLY one cut). For example, the album YOUR HIT PARADE-1940 has 10 cuts. Each cut is listed individually, but there is no way to click on the album title to get ALL the cuts. I know it's hard to describe, but I don't know how to fix this (or it's just an incompatability with the older version)>

  2. Loo says:

    If anywhere else has the same problems like I had and Mark above, here's the solution.

    Add the column Album Artist to iTunes and select all of the tracks in your compilation -> Get Info then name the Album Artist your compilation name.

    That will group your compilation the same as pre iOS 4 iPhones

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