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iPhone iOS 4 Release: Download Time UK and US

June 20, 2021 | Daniel Chubb

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iPhone iOS 4 Release: Download Time UK and US

The new Apple iPhone 4 is a big deal, and will attract new buyers and upgraders alike, but this year Apple has many more iPhone owners, and this means more users upgrading to the latest iPhone iOS 4. Will they handle the increased demand on iOS 4 download day?

In previous years we have seen Apple have download problems thanks to heavy demand, with iTunes errors, and server connection problems. The latest iPhone 4 will already have the new iOS 4 installed, and this seems to be the most pain free way of getting the latest iPhone OS. But what about all those wanting to update their current iPhones, what would be the perfect time to download iOS4?

Discussions have already started on the Apple forums, with users wondering when the iOS4 software release time will be. The date is June 21, and rumor has the time at 10am PST (Pacific Standard Time). This is around 5pm UK time. Looking at the last updates, expect things to change and we expect a UK download time around 6-7pm.

You may want to check out an interesting poll PR News has run, which the results show 64% of users will download this update as soon as possible, while 19% will wait a few hours, and 15% will wait a few days. Will you download iOS4 right away?

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Comments (112)

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  1. Winston says:

    it will be GMT -8

  2. JUAN says:

    IT IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. IPHONE says:


  4. Tom says:

    ITS HERE OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. lee says:

    its here uk 18:06

  6. Cameron Hood says:

    I'm in Brisbane, Aus. And I've been waiting for this update since 9am June 21st! It's now 3:10am June 22nd, and according to official release times, it should be out by now. Very annoyed. >.<

  7. Fin says:

    Downloading it now here in UK :-)

  8. Paul says:

    it's available right now, just started download

  9. ALEX NOTTS says:


  10. Marcus says:

    Just started downloading here in the U.S. I'm excited!

  11. con says:

    downloading now in uk

  12. mike says:

    Im Busy downloading right now in Namibia

  13. Bryana says:

    They said 10am for US. it's 10:23. I dont understand why I cant download it yet.
    The apple site still says coming soon.

  14. son of solo says:

    6.30pm in the UK and still nowt…

  15. Jason says:

    The article states 10am PST, but there is not anywhere in the US that is on PST. The west coast is all on PDT which is Pacific Daylight Time. Makes it easier to convert the time to your local time if the correct time is given since PST and PDT differ by an hour.

  16. Glass says:

    Its available now in the UK, am just downloading now

  17. Luis says:

    Installing it, after download, as we speak! Takes a looong time just to back up the iPhone.

  18. Saqib says:

    iOS4 has just RELEASED…. :)

    Apple iPhone Operating System 4 version has just released at 10:30pm (Pakistan time).

    Due to heavy load on apple server the download is very slow.

    All the best to all those waiting for iOS4. Now is the time to install it….

    Must Share your experiences


  19. Drag0n42 says:

    Just started downloading update right now with only 35 minute download time.

    • stevjo says:

      I have tried 4 times 3 -4 hour download ends with problem with download concerning Network Connection lost from Bahamas

  20. 4Lf1e says:

    dl now see you soon multitaskers :D

  21. Jay says:

    Just downloading, only a 4 hour download time!!!! Better be worth it!

  22. Darian says:

    I got it here in romania a couple of minutes ago but i dont have time to install now. I wanted to be sure tomorow i can install it because with 3.0 the server kept crashing in the morning after the launch

  23. zholy says:

    Are you saying a 3G running iOS v4 can't run iMovie?I'm actually looking forward to iOS 4 for my iPhone 3g.Apple is a smart company, and would like to make big money. This is it forces people to buy the latest product approach.

  24. chris says:

    after 4 hours, i stopped… not worth the effort

  25. sumeet says:

    man i have trying to upgrade to the new software for 3GS and it would always fail in Kuwait thru iTunes . Any other alternates for downloading the sameā€¦

  26. raj says:

    ios4 download error message coming up network time out how do i sort it out

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