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iPhone 4 Micro Sim and Apple Store Pre-Order Customers

June 20, 2021 | Daniel Chubb

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iPhone 4 Micro Sim and Apple Store Pre-Order Customers

The moment most iPhone owners saw Steve Jobs present the new iPhone 4 and iOS4, we were immediately impressed, and like any gadget / Apple lover, wanted one. If you ordered your iPhone 4 from Apple’s Store and already own a previous generation iPhone, you will need to upgrade to a micro sim.

O2 in the UK has made this pretty simple; swapping from a standard sim to a micro sim can be done by visiting this page on their site for the steps needed. The page starts with a simple question “Are you an existing O2 customer?”

If you answer yes to this question, and also do not own a micro sim, you will be directed to some information on how to get one. You will need to be prepared before getting your new iPhone, and a sample of the text can be seen below. Head to this page for the full details.

We recommend you visit an O2 shop from Monday 21 June, and take your Apple pre-order email. This confirmation lets you get a micro sim, which are rumored to be in short supply, so do not take too long to get one.

Do you have any Micro Sim questions? Let us know in the comments below. You need to be ready if you have pre-ordered from the Apple Store.

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  1. Amanda says:

    How do you put the new micro sim in the iphone4? I've tried to use a pin to open the sim card holder but it's not working????

  2. Aston says:

    Guys, I heard there is a thing called micro sim adapter. These guys sell it here: .What do you think, is it worth buying one? They say it allows me to use my micro sim card from Ipad in my old Iphone 3g, thus saving bucks on the data plan.

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