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iOS 4 for iPhone: No Facebook support

[ 9 ] June 20, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

iOS 4 for iPhone: No Facebook support

Facebook being one of the biggest online media sites, have yet to release a native iPad app, and with the launch of the new iPhone OS on Monday and developers getting their apps for iOS 4 ready, this brings into question why Facebook still have nothing to present.

According to MS Siegler at TechCrunch, millions of iPad owners are yet to have a Facebook app and are having to use imitations which Facebook have been less than happy about. Considering that the post-iPad launch was almost 3 months ago, has customers asking when the iPad app will be expected.

The present Facebook Android app has been more than disappointing whereas the iPhone app on the other hand owes its thanks to version 3, therefore, giving it the limelight that it rightly deserves. The latest iPhone update (3.1.3) has brought varying opinions of some customers.

Along with this, Facebook have overlooked the UI bug which creates the main screen in the app when accessing new messages or friend requests on a customer’s account. On the upside of all of this, the ability to write on walls and view videos in the app is promising, although this in itself looks to have teething problems.

Unfortunately, with the departure of developer Joe Hewitt who was seen walking away from the Facebook project last November, things have taken a downward spiral for this online media site.

Are you one of those Facebook customers for iPhone? What do you think about this? To read more about check out TechCrunch

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  1. pat says:

    facebook sucks

  2. sham Ahmed says:

    Without Facebook and the right layout/version of the app, there will be a serious downside to all this. i have the iphone 3gs and facebook works fantastic and the layout is well presented & easy to use. Like myself there are millions that depend on facebook and how well the app is to use on their new smartphone. in this day and age, Facebook on your phone is important and its one of the first apps you download when you purchase a new phone. More phones need to focus in this area, as it is vital. Dont understand why all this fuss when its already on the iphones!

  3. simon says:

    so are you sayin there will be no facebook app with the new ios4 update????
    if this is so i will not be updating my iphone as i use facebook every day

  4. Craig says:

    A Facebook App isn't really necessary for the iPad. Just open the Facebook website in Safari, then you get the real thing with all the bells and whistles instead of an app with limited features.

  5. Brian says:

    The Facebook app will work on the new ios4, it just wont be updated to support the multitasking ability iOS4 promises. If all else fails do what Craig suggested… use the web browser on the phone. Its almost the same layout.

  6. @andy_s_64 says:

    Another reason to dump Farcebook. They really couldn't give a hoot about their users. Well, now may be the time to flick them the V in return. Who needs Farcebook anyway? Twitter is far more dynamic and doesn't require you to store your life history and personal data with it to use it.

  7. anon says:

    Guess what? I have iOS4 and Facebook works the same as it always did. No changes at all, no problems.

  8. iOS 4 is almost perfect in every way. I’ve noticed Facebook updates take forever and the entire app is slow to perform correct. Maybe it’s because their app doesn’t make money, because a lot of their revenue is coming from the website (online ads, gifts, etc.)

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