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Brazil vs. Ivory Coast: Live replay needed, Twitter uproar

June 20, 2021 | Daniel Chubb

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Brazil vs. Ivory Coast: Live replay needed, Twitter uproar

FIFA World Cup 2010 may be boring to some, and watching most matches shows you why but one of today’s soccer games was Brazil vs. Ivory Coast, and this was far from boring. Not only did we see 4 goals, but a little controversy as well.

Technology is there for live streaming to referees during World Cup games, and fast replays are accessible to commentators, but why is this technology not used in making decisions during the game?

Since the game ended we have seen Twitter uproar, and other social media sites are alive with debate. The live replay debate will never go away, and there will be those that want this advancement, and those that don’t. Today’s “Blunder” will only highlight the need for soccer replays being made available to referees.

Some of the Tweets coming in include “what’s up with Kaká’s red card!? That was a crazy call”, and “Red card to Kaka was ridiculous!!!” What did you make of the red card? Share your views in the comments, and see live Twitter and web updates via this page.

You can also see the truth and whole story via the video shown below, which includes the Red Card of Kaka, and fights before it. Do you want to see replays used with making in-game decisions?

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  1. vic says:

    the red card was completely and utterly ridiculous. the first yellow card was stupid or should have been given to the CIV player too and the in the incident which led to the second yellow card for Kaka, he was innocent. Completely.

  2. @mcsushii says:

    The only mistake the referee made was pulling the yellow card. This was an attack. That's it. And therefore a red card should have been given directly. And it's not the only one. Reviewing the uproar around that attack there were 3 or 4 more "red card enabled" actions there. Not to forget the double hand play that lead to the second goal followed by the direct lie to the referee. Another red one. Let's face it. The referee's decisions were bad during the whole Cup until now. It's no longer about soccer. It sucks.

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