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AOL Sells Bebo To Criterion Capital Partners, Not Shutting Down

June 20, 2021 | Maddy Rowe


AOL Sells Bebo To Criterion Capital Partners, Not Shutting Down

As users all around the world will know, Bebo and Facebook are 2 of the biggest media networking sites, but recently it has transpired that AOL have been in a deal that will see them offloading Bebo. AOL for some time had wanted to provide a popular service not just in the UK but also in America. AOL had threatened to shut down the service unless a new buyer came forward, fortunately Criterion Capital Partners stepped in and will be the company to do this.

According to Stephen Foley at, a year after Bebo was launched back in January 2005, it rose to new heights in the UK alongside Amazon and the BBC website. Unfortunately, nowadays, it has seen more users steering towards Bebo’s competitors Facebook.

It is hoped that Bebo’s new owners will move the online media site into a new direction. Criterion Capital Partners will not only be able to assess Bebo’s current affairs, but will also offer new growth plans, therefore enabling them to strengthen their place amongst their social networking competitors.

What do you think about AOL selling Bebo, was it time for Bebo to move in a new direction?

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