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Download Google Earth 5.2: New features Include

June 16, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Download Google Earth 5.2: New features Include

The newest version of Google Earth 5.2 has just been released to the joy of waiting customers but mainly outdoor athletes such as hikers, bikers, runners etc, and as well as supporting their GPS devices, Google Earth 5.2 comes with some extra benefits. This includes tracking, elevation profiles, improved bedded browser and an updated version of the Google Earth plug-in which can be enjoyed by all.

According to a post by mickmel on Google Earth Blog, this version improves the way in which the data from the GPS is imported but has some unique selling points.

Up until now, GPS had to be entered through a series of commands. The new KML extension appears to be a much smoother alternative, and seems to be the ideal way to import a GPS track. The KML file is more organised with a softer playback.

For the outdoor athlete, the elevation profile can now allow oneself to see the gains/losses throughout the GPS track. Viewing the data within your track can also be beneficial. The improved embedded browser is based on webkit (compariable to Google’s Chrome browser).

If you enjoy the outdoors and being athletic, will the Google Earth 5.2 benefit you? To read more about this check out Google Earth Blog

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