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Nokia N8 Preview: Finalizing Symbian^3 Environment

June 14, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Nokia N8 Preview: Finalizing Symbian^3 Environment

It appears that at last somebody has got their hands on the Nokia N8, the next big Nokia handset, to try it out. There’s been a lot written about the N8 but up till now we’ve not seen a hands-on preview so this should be interesting.

Over on Engadget there’s a preview by Vladislav Savov and it appears that the N8 is promising but still very much an unfinished article. It seems there’s still a lot of work to do on the OS front and the software is rather delicate, crashing here and there for no reason. However the hardware, such as the camera and video function rate highly as does the battery life.

As for the advantages of Symbian^3, Nokia appear to claim they are ease of use, speed and familiarity. The capacitive touchscreen display has enhanced sensitivity, edit and submenu options are easy to use and menu presentation is coherent with use. However the article did find that some screen taps were not recognised and felt this was because you have to use the touchscreen very accurately, not stubby-finger friendly.

The article goes into much more detail including multi-tasking, looking at the UI, two-way sync and more. Apparently the Symbian^3 is set to be finally ready by the third quarter of this year and when that’s done it will be worth looking at the N8 again. To read much more go to What do you think of the N8 on what you’ve seen so far? We’d be interested to receive your comments.

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  1. qayum says:

    i want a buy nokia n8

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