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New iPhone 2010: Is 4G Needed?

[ 2 ] June 6, 2021 | Daniel Chubb

Do you get a 3G connection in most areas? If no, then you may wonder if the new iPhone in 2010 needs 4G technologies. With WWDC 2010 tomorrow we will soon find out the exact specs of the retail fourth generation iPhone, and if this includes 4G features.

The popularity of Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G – that includes 4G wireless – can be for many reasons, and 4G may not be the main one. Sprint’s WiMax-powered 4G network has been their main selling point though, and this will be an advantage over the next iPhone HD/4G unless it’s released to Sprint as well.

Apple has already shown with the 3GS that a phone does not need the best tech to be the top selling device; it’s marketing that is the real seller. Do you want 4G built into the new 2010 iPhone, and does this affect your buying decision?

While the Sprint EVO 4G is very popular today, and the queues outside stores are massive, we expect this device to be overshadowed by the new iPhone after WWDC 2010, even if it’s specs lack compared to the EVO 4G.

What are your WWDC expectations? Do you feel the next iPhone needs 4G technologies?

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  1. Robert says:

    I was an iPhone user for 2 years… I switched away from the iPhone and got a Nexus One a few months ago. The Nexus One from a hardware stand point was way better than the iPhone. Navigating Android was very easy and the Multi-tasking features were amazing added in the option to swap out batteries and customize your phone? Awesome.. Only catch was T-Mobile’s network is horrible…. I thought AT&T was bad, T-Mobile was way worse…. So I sold the Nexus One two weeks ago and put down a deposit on an EVO… Man this device is slick. I am pretty sure the new iPhone will be awesome as Apple puts out a great product and their loyal following and marketing is the best in the business. FOR ME.. Android is a better fit and HTC makes the best hardware in the business right now. The new iPhone will probably be less than the EVO from a hardward stand point but it will sell great. It will sell better than the EVO but not because it’s better. Android is spread out among a ton of devices and carriers. No single Android phone is going to blow away the iPhone.. Not going to happen. Androids power is in the number of options of both phones and networks…… iPhone OS is more refined than Android but Android is growing and improving multiple times per year while you get only your annual update from the iPhone OS….

  2. Jason says:

    I will not include 4G connectivity for sure. There isn't even any indications whether it'll be called iPhone 4G if it is then the 4G will stand for 4th gen not the 4G connectivity.

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