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Google Maps and Facebook: Most Used Phone Apps

June 2, 2022 | Debbie Turner

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Google Maps and Facebook: Most Used Phone Apps

With the soaring rise in popularity of smartphone apps have you ever wondered which are the most popular apps? Everybody these days seems to have a phone full of apps but what are the most likely ones that are probably downloaded to most people’s handsets?

According to an article by Christina Warren over on Mashable, a new application report has just been released by Nielsen which looks into smartphone use and apps used. Over 4000 people were surveyed, each of which had downloaded an app within the month. One surprising statistic to me was that only 21% of US wireless subscribers are using smartphones as opposed to traditional feature phones.

The survey goes on to look at how many apps on average are on each type of smartphone, with by far the most being on the Apple iPhone with 37 installed apps, followed by 22 on Androids,14 on Palms, 13 on Windows Mobile and 10 on BlackBerry’s. There are far too many statistics to go into here but if you want to know the most popular apps, we can take a look at the statistics for the iPhone for instance.

58% of those surveyed had downloaded the Facebook app, 48% iPod/iTunes, and 47% Google Maps. The other most popular apps were for Pandora and weather apps. For more on this go to where you can see a lot more of the statistics from the survey. Asking around a handful of people it does seem that Facebook and Google Maps apps are on all of their phones. Is this representative of the apps on your phone? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

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