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Facebook “Like” Worm Spreads

June 2, 2022 | Tina Chubb

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Facebook “Like” Worm Spreads

Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook appear to be easy targets for hackers these days. And it looks like Facebook is currently facing security issues, with hackers exploiting the “Like” function to infect users’ profiles and add links to third-party websites.

According to an interesting article over at, which was written by Vicky Woollaston, security experts have been warning Facebook members to be on their guard against the latest hacking attempt on the popular social networking website.

It appears that thousands of Facebook users have been ‘clickjacked’ by hackers who are trying to promote third-party websites since this past weekend. If a user has been hacked, their profile will say that they have “liked” a post on the site.

This message will then appear on the news feed and when a Facebook friend clicks on the message, they are taken to a page that has a line saying: “Click here to continue.” If the user then clicks anywhere on that page, it will publish the same “Like” message on their profile.

Graham Cluely – senior technology consultant from Sophos – explained: “What the hackers have done is really sneaky. They hide an invisible button under your mouse, so wherever you click your mouse-press is hijacked, secretly clicking on a button which tells Facebook that you “like” the web page.”

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