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Number 1 on Twitter: Britney Spears beats Ashton Kutcher

Number 1 on Twitter: Britney Spears beats Ashton Kutcher

For a very long time now, Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher – married to actress Demi Moore – has been the Twitter king. But that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore, as pop singer Britney Spears has just taken over the number one spot as top Twitter account.

According to a article by Jolie O’Dell, the number of followers on each celebrity’s accounts continues to fluctuate by the second, but Britney appears to be maintaining a tenuous lead. It was only a week ago, that Spears was predicted to overtake Kutcher.

Both celebrities still haven’t reached five million Twitter followers yet, but they are predicted to do so within the next 30 days. Kutcher was the first Twitter user to reach the one million followers mark, after he battled CNN for the spot back in April 2009.

The @BritneySpears account however is managed by her staff, and most of the messages that appear on there are either promotional messages, or “BS Alerts” when “unfavorable” reports surface in the media. Tweets from “Brit” or “Britney” make up around a third of all tweets.

However, some of those may not even be from the singer herself, as they get posted on the social networking site when Spears is reportedly at an event. Which celebrity’s updates would you prefer to read, Ashton Kuthcer’s or Britney Spears?


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