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Employers use Social Networking to check up on staff

Employers use Social Networking to check up on staff

So you’re at work, or of course at home, and occasionally (a lot,) using a social networking site such as Twitter or Facebook to keep on top of your social life but have you ever thought of the implications of doing so for your career, or the legal implications involved.

An intriguing article over on NetImperative has taken a look at a survey from, to look into this very issue and you may be shocked at some of the outcomes. The poll of over 1,000 workers said that almost 60% of social networking users would change what they write on their profile, if they knew their employer was reading it, but what a lot of people don’t seem to realise is their boss might be doing just that.

Another interesting point made is that 40% of workers are apparently happy to criticise their employers on social networking sites, but that 55% think that fellow staff should be disciplined for criticising their company on such sites. It also seems that many employees had little idea of the legal implications involved from online criticism and only 16% knew that their company definitely had HR or disciplinary policies in place surrounding such issues.

The Managing Director of, Lee Fayer, said, “As an employee, if you were to openly criticise or defame your workplace in a newspaper or within a printed flyer, you’d expect legal consequences – they should expect the same of online outbursts.” That may make a few of us think again about what we’re writing.

For more information and to read the full article go to Have you ever criticised your boss or workplace on a social networking site and did you regret it? We’d be interested in hearing your opinions on this.


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