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Facebook and LinkedIn Head-to-Head: Privacy and Security

May 17, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Facebook and LinkedIn Head-to-Head: Privacy and Security

With all the controversy surrounding social networking sites at the moment amid privacy concerns, just how do we know if it’s possible any more to keep our privacy and if so which sites look after our security the best?

A recent informative article over on, has taken a look at this very issue and compared Facebook and LinkedIn, to see which is best for security. While the article is too detailed to condense easily here I can tell you that the author focuses on several areas. The first being Privacy Certification, the result of which appears to be a draw.

The story then goes on to look into issues such as Privacy Policy, Staff Commitment to Privacy, Privacy Settings, Responses from Family and Friends and Track Record and makes conclusions as to who wins on each of these elements with the final conclusion being that on three points LinkedIn takes the advantage over Facebook, and on another 3 areas it’s a draw.

For full article go to We’d be interested to hear your views on this? Have you experiences of both and feel LinkedIn takes the edge, or are you concerned with privacy issues now on all social networking sites? Why not let us know your thoughts.

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  1. PreferLinkedIn says:

    I consider Facebook to be a consumer grade (toy site), and as such, I refrained from joining that community. LinkedIn proved to be more respectful and professional. LinkedIn may not have as many members as Facebook, but it offers a better professional network experience and environment. In my opinion, LinkedIn is far better for the professional community.

  2. chopstks says:

    LinkedIn is profession network-based. This is different from the social network based Facebook.

  3. OpenEyes says:

    I don't think the poster at pcadvisor has any idea about the privacy issues surrounding Facebook. The article either blatantly ignores it, or is a fine example of remarkable ignorance.

    Privacy issues with Facebook:

    Why some people quit Facebook:

    PS: Please update the post to not link to page 4 or the original post.

  4. Concerned User says:

    I have started receiving LinkedIn emails at my workplace. I work for the government and these types of emails are frowned upon. My biggest concern is that I have NEVER given LinkedIn - nor any business or personal contacts - my work email address. I haven't even updated my profile in years. Certainly years before I started this government job. I am quite concerned and annoyed. I have written LinkedIn's customer support to try and get an answer on this. As soon as I get an answer (IF I get one) I will quit LinkedIn. But from what I read online, they make it VERY difficult to quit.

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