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Celebrity-Ness Using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

May 17, 2022 | Matt Tran

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Celebrity-Ness Using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

So how exactly do you determine how famous a celebrity is nowadays? Well I’m going to tell you. An organisation called Famecount takes into consideration the celebrity’s number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers and YouTube channel viewers.

An algorithm is then used to determine each stars rating with the maximum possible score being 100. So all of the numbers have been processed and it turns out that Coldplay are the biggest name in Britain. They scored a 57.9% fame ranking based on 3.8m Facebook fans, 2.7m Twitter followers and 71,000 YouTube subscribers. However the superstar band is only ranked at 12th in the world behind the likes of the Lady Gaga and king of pop Michael Jackson. Follow the link to for more celebrity ratings.

The second biggest name in Britain is popstar Lily Allen with a 31.3% famous rating, and in third is the BBC with 25.7%.

These social networking sites are becoming the birthplace of many upcoming stars, such as Canadian singer Justin Bieber being discovered on YouTube. He became an overnight success and is now very popular on Facebook and Twitter and is emerging as a pop sensation.

What do you think of Famecount, is it a true way of measuring fame? Give us your opinion.

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  1. Jay says:

    As the person responsible for promoting Famecount I will try not to give too biased an opinion of this data! But here is why I believe it is an accurate and necessary source of measurement in today's online landscape:

    "Fame" has always been an incredibly difficult concept to measure. Even in this day and age, when the Internet has developed into a rich multi-media platform, brands would still rather invest in search advertising online, because it is easier to rely on quantifyable ROI metrics than measure the effectiveness of brand advertising.

    With the evolution of social media, the Internet is evolving further, and it is becoming necesary for marketers to be able to get a quantifyable fix on their reputation online. I think Famecount - especially because it is a free service open to all - offers a very useful and accurate way of measuring fame online.

    Finally, having used this data to write a number of articles myself, it is proving to provide very valuable anthropological insight for stories and trends by quantifying public opinion in the celebrity and brand space.

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