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New iPhone 4G: Update on 2010 prototype court case

New iPhone 4G: Update on 2010 prototype court case

The intrigue surrounding the Apple iPhone 4G prototype which was lost and then sold to Gizmodo, continues today with news that a Californian judge decided to unseal a search warrant. In a previous story we told how a San Mateo judge had rejected the request for documents, but now the search warrant for the raid on Gizmodo editor Jason Chen’s home was cleared to be unsealed.

However in an extraordinary twist it looks as though the court actually opened the wrong documents and actually unsealed instead the search warrant pertaining to the finder of the prototype, Brian Hogan, according to

This document shows that Apple claim the leaking of the phone details would be “immensely damaging” to sales as they say that consumers will put off purchases of new phones to wait for the new iPhone therefore “negatively affecting Apple’s earnings.” Although Gizmodo eventually handed back the prototype after a request from Steve Jobs himself, Jason Chen now finds he may have a case to fight over possible “theft” and “vandalism”.

For more on this story go to The sage of the lost prototype just continues to twist and turn it seems, but what do you think of the whole affair? We’d be interested to know if you think Apple are using their might and have overreacted, or maybe you think they have a case?

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