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General Election 2010: Social networking maps the political landscape

General Election 2010: Social networking maps the political landscape

A fascinating insight into the mapping of the political landscape from social networking for the General Election 2010, was posted yesterday by Alterian, a leader in customer engagement technology and solutions. Alterian’s social monitoring tool SM2 measured over 500,000 conversations across different social media platforms which reflected the events surrounding the General Election.

Alterian did this by first splitting the information into three time periods, firstly that of the Pre-Debate period, then the Debate period, then the actual Election period, and the highlights and lowlights of the election campaign have been mapped.

There’s plenty of interesting information, for instance in the Pre-Debate period Gordon Brown was mentioned in the majority of conversations, a huge volume of 70%. SM2 also measured sentiment to rate the appeal of the individual party leaders. In the Pre-Debate period for example all three leaders’ judged sentiment value stayed consistent and neutral although Nick Clegg received more positive mentions and David Cameron received more negative mentions.

The tool also mapped where the conversations were taking place such as Twitter, blogs and message boards and continues to measure social media throughout the rest of the Election campaign, even discovering that the term “hung” was used more in negative conversations than positive. For full details including tables and graphs go to Let us know what you think about what this information tells us.

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