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Apple iPad 3G Shortage Explained

May 10, 2022 | Debbie Turner


Apple iPad 3G Shortage Explained

Only last week the Apple iPad 3G version went on sale but if you’re planning to purchase one any day soon you may be out of luck as it appears it’s sold out across the U.S. already. Although Apple is enabling customers to put their names on a waiting list the iPad 3G was sold out at stores across the U.S. by Friday.

This information comes to us from, sourced from Business Week, who reported the sell-out in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and other key sites. According to the article on, a store in Los Angeles told them they had no idea when they would have more stocks of the iPad 3G, and the only Wi-Fi version available at present was the low-end 16GB model.

The iPad has reached an amazing popularity with sales even outstripping the first sales of the iPhone and it seems Apple was just not prepared for how successful it would be. The other theory is that the shortages are because of the international launch of the iPad, with announcements that it would go on sale in 9 other countries on May 28, so it could just be that they’ve stored enough away to meet international supply.

There’s even the cynic’s point of view to consider, whereby some feel that Apple may have artificially created a shortage to boost consumer demand, although this seems unlikely to us, but what do you think? We’d be interested to hear your views on this conundrum.

Source: Business Week

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  1. Jerry Mallary says:

    I was thinking of buying an iPad 3G at first; yes, I was really ready to buy it, but the shortage caused me to spend a lot of time playing with the iPad at the local Apple store… Now, to be honest, I am kind of tired of it. Plus, the shortage takes all the fun out of waiting. I have changed my mind as a result and I'm now going to wait to see if there's a second generation next year, with all the bugs resolved by then. Heck, I waited this long…

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