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Ron Artest criticized Phil Jackson via Twitter: Downplays comments

May 8, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

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Ron Artest criticized Phil Jackson via Twitter: Downplays comments

Following on from suggestions that Artest’s twitter account has been hacked since he made comments about Coach Phil Jackson. It took only 3 twitter posts for the media to get their teeth into yet another story. This time the news relates to the world of Basketball.

It has become apparent that Laker fans are increasingly aware of Artest’s lack of shooting skill. With Artest shooting only 10% from a 3 point range in the latest Western Conference semifinals against Utah, followed by him making 18% of his 3 point attempts in the first-round series against Oklahoma City. Unfortunately there has been no improvement in his most recent matches against the Thunder.

T.J. Simers of The Times has asked Phil Jackson whether this is the time that Artest should limit his shooting, Artest replied that he should stop taking to many corner 3 pointers.

Head over to the Lakers blog on the LA Times, to read the tweets between Artest and Jackson. You may find them pretty interesting, especially how celebrities continue to open themselves up to the public using social media sites.

You can also see the conservation on Artest’s Twitter page, and his latest tweets here. What do you think about Ron Artest’s latest game performance, and his latest tweets?

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