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New Google Look: The layout feels more social

[ 8 ] May 6, 2022 | Debbie Turner

New Google Look: The layout feels more social

It seems that Google have updated their search results page, which rolled out yesterday and also rolls out today. They’ve been playing about with different ideas for some time and the final version with a left-hand sidebar is now on my screen, is it on yours?

My first thoughts on the new layout are that it appears to be more social than before with the new sidebar clearly designed and easy-on-the-eye. Now an article at informs us that the new Google layout is going mobile too.

The sidebar of filtering options appears to be almost the same with the biggest difference being you have to request it, but I think this will be another really useful tool. I for one will certainly use the filtering and so I suspect will many others.

For more on this go to What do you think of the new interface if you’re already seeing it? Do you agree the layout appears more social, or are you unimpressed? We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

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  1. Blueberry says:

    Take away the sidebar! I enjoy google because its simple and not chalk full of 'social' crap.

  2. I do not like the new layout. I have always used google because it is simple and sleek. This new layout feels cluttered and distracting. If I wanted that I could just some other crappy search engine like bing or yahoo.

  3. Cough says:

    This is so social. Mmm, look at me in the crowd, yummy!

  4. Jeff JeffDeJeff says:

    Yes it feels more social in the same way that a horse feels more electric. See I can describe things in entirely nonsensical fashions too!

  5. SnazzyMax says:

    I hate it. Google used to be so simple. I saw this the other day thinking “what have they done now” it was just so pointless to put it there. Alright, the new logo’s simpler, and they’ve made the main page have only the search bar until you rollover with your mouse, but this just ruins everything.

  6. C Neal says:

    I really don't like it. it's too much. Keep it nice and simple please!

  7. wez says:

    HOLY SHIT U GUYS ARE COMPLETE N00BS - please excuse the capitals. Why do we turn our heads to the left where the information is on the old layout?? it makes no sense, Google has utilised the empty space to encourage peeps to use the filtering (not social shit as some peeps call it). The new layout feels less, well, boring and it is much more helpful. Some ppl are AFRAID OF CHANGE it’s true and you cant deny it.

  8. chris says:

    I abhor the new layout, and by not offering a way to collapse the sidebar, Google is going against their own aspirations. From the Corporate Info page:

    Above all, a well-designed Google product is useful in daily life. [...] It doesn't strong-arm people to use features they don't want.

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