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Facebook Privacy Policies and Public Access for Users

Facebook Privacy Policies and Public Access for Users

Facebook appears to be under fire from criticisms about privacy from consumer groups. A failing which revealed private messages between friends has led to opinions that the largest social networking site is not working hard enough to protect information.

The Electronic Information Center is one of 15 groups that complained about Facebook to the Federal Trade Commission yesterday, according to Mark Rotenberg of the Electronic Information Center said in reference to the latest alterations on Facebook that they “violate user expectations, diminish user privacy and contradict Facebook’s own representations.”

The groups involved in the complaint are requesting that the Federal Trade Commission consider the privacy procedures that Facebook uses and asks that Facebook crack down on security infringements. The new “like” button on Facebook seems to be a bone of contention for many as when tools were added to enable it, the complaints say that Facebook changed the way in which a user’s profile is classified.

Therefore information that user’s previously held private is now being revealed to the public according to EPIC. Meanwhile a spokesman for Facebook, Andrew Noyes, said that at present there would be no comment until they have looked properly at the complaint to the FTC. There has so far been no comment from the FTC.

For full story go to What do you think about the privacy concerns concerning Facebook? Have you concerns yourself or are you wondering what all the fuss is about? Either way we’d be interested in your viewpoints.

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