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Nokia N8 Price and New iPhone 4G

[ 3 ] May 3, 2022 | Matt Tran

Nokia N8 Price and New iPhone 4G

The price for the Nokia N8 was announced last week and it looks to be a big rival to Apples upcoming iPhone 4G. Apple have not yet finalised the selling price for their new product but the release of the Nokia will give them something to think about.

We understand according to, that the N8 will be priced at £320 on pay as you go which is already £130 less than the current 16 GB iPhone 3Gs.

The new N8 boasts an impressive 12 megapixel camera and Dolby digital plus surround sound which the iPhone lacks. The iPhone only has a very average 3.2 megapixel camera which must be improved to keep up with other rival models. The quality of the camera is poor for such an advanced piece of technology. However the iPhone trumps the Nokia when it comes to the countless apps avaliable but Nokia’s Ovi store has been improving to compete with Apple’s app store.

It is clear the price of the iPhone franchise needs to be cut to attract more people to buy it as the cost is often a barrier. The common saying is “I want one, but oh dear look at the price!”

Apple need to offer their new smartphone for less than £400 to serioulsy compete otherwise people will go for the equally good but essentially cheaper Nokia N8. Its is inevitable that the 4G which offers multitasking will cost more than the 3GS, so the price is likely to be over £400 which could be Apples downfall when it comes to sales. Time will tell.

What do you think about the pricing for these new phones? Give us your opinion.

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  1. Applesquid says:

    Since when is the current iPhone 3GS a 5 megapixel camera? It's only 3.2!

  2. stylinred says:

    "equally good" ???? biased much??? the N8 (based on hardware) is leagues ahead of the Iphone… lets be honest the Iphone only has a very user friendly os… other than that…. what is there.

  3. amiel says:

    Nokia was hard pressed with the comments and criticisms from the first touchscreen from nokia which is the 5800 but they have made advanced software for this which is the firmware v40 to make up for the shortcomings and now here they are with the n8! this should make the iphone incomparable to this one with just the camera, sound quality and HD video quality!

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