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Nashville Flooding Pictures and Video: YouTube and Twitter

Nashville Flooding Pictures and Video: YouTube and Twitter

There have been devastating floods over the weekend in Nashville and across other areas of Tennessee after the most rainfall ever seen in that region. Homes and cars have been wrecked and sadly at least 11 people have been killed.

When we hear the reports on radio and TV it’s hard to imagine just how much damage can be caused by rainfall and flooding but in these days of social media you need only turn to YouTube and Twitter, for example, to see just how bad the damage really is.

Over at they have some eye-opening videos you can look at that show just what it’s like to be living through a severe flood situation and there are also some drastic pictures shown that were rounded up from Twitter.

We can only hope that the severe weather around Nashville starts to improve. For more on this go to Have you been affected, or have you taken a look at the scenes of devastation? If so we’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.


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