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Facebook voluntary ban to prevent cyber bullying

May 3, 2022 | Matt Tran


Facebook voluntary ban to prevent cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is a very unfortunate thing that sometimes comes with Facebook and the whole internet in general. It affects young people’s lives and also their learning. Because of this a headtecher from Benjamin Franklin middle school, New Jersey is calling for young teens to be banned from social networking sites.

Anthony Orsini has sent emails to all of the pupil’s parents asking for them to ban their children aged 11-14 from these sites. Follow the link to the to read what Orsini said.

Principle Orsini believes that parents should regulary monitor their childrens internet activity and check their text messages, in order to prevent abuse being recieved and sent.

Meanwhile Meredith Wearly the student councellor has been busy dealing with pupils complaining about cyber bullying and she says it can take up to three quaters of her day. Clearly this is becoming a big issue that needs to be adressed. Parents should also be careful as restricting their children from using their favourite websites could lead to unhapiness and rebellion.

Do you agree that young children should not be able to use sites such as Facebook? Give us your views.

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