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American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson Twitter Rant

[ 2 ] April 29, 2022 | Tina Chubb

American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson Twitter Rant

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Former “American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson doesn’t appear to be too happy these days. Last week Kelly lashed out at Indonesian cigarette company – who were the sponsors of her concert in Jakarta – because they posted an image of her alongside a logo for cigarettes.

At the time Kelly said she was not aware of it, and that she was in no way an advocate or an ambassador for youth smoking. She was asked to cancel the show, but Kelly refused because of not wanting to disappoint her fans. The cigarette company then pulled out of sponsoring the show.

And now it appears that something else has got Clarkson mad, which resulted in her taking to her Twitter account and having a rant. According to, Kelly lashed out on Twitter, after a rough demo of an upcoming song, “Cleopatra,” managed to leak online.

The song “Cleopatra” was reportedly produced by The Runners, who have worked with the likes of Ludacris and Usher before. Kelly’s fans were expecting to see the new track on her next album but according to Kelly’s Twitter post, that isn’t going to be the case.

“’Cleopatra’ is NOT a song on my next record! It was written for another artist!” Clarkson tweeted from Singapore on Tuesday. She then let her anger show in a follow-up tweet that read: “I’m so tired of disrespecting, lying, sneaky little trolls that pretend to be human.”

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  1. Carelessaboutyou says:

    C'mon, now. What do you get out of bitching about an artist that you claim you don't care about anymore?

    Nobody really cares about what you're saying, and you're just proving to be just as immature, if not even more, than the musicians themselves. Isn't there something else more productive you can do with your life other than dedicate it to causing Kelly Clarkson's professional downfall (which, if you haven't noticed, is already a failed attempt by now).

    Take this advice from me to you: Get a life, grow up, get over it, and move on. Be the "better person".

    Yours truly,

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