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Facebook’s Privacy Settings: Formal notice from U.S. Senators

April 28, 2022 | Peter Chubb

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Facebook’s Privacy Settings: Formal notice from U.S. Senators

In the past Facebook has been criticized over its security settings, but recent changes have improved things a little. However there are still those who feel that the social networking site still needs to make improvements, such as a few U.S. Senators.

The funny thing is those who matter most, the user have not come out and said that they would like the privacy settings changed once again. However, this has not stopped four U.S. Senators from sending Facebook a formal notice to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. They outline that they are unhappy with the recent changes to the website’s privacy policy.

ZDNet points out that there were three main concerns written in the letter, which you can read about in detail from the ZDNet site. The letter states that the FCC will need to take a loser look into this, and that Facebook needs to take action to rectify things.

Facebook will now need to study this and then send a message to all users, and the next time make its changes more understandable. Maybe then will they be able to not only keep users happy, but U.S. Senators as well.

Did you understand the recent changes and the privacy policy?

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