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World Cup 2010: Interactivity from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

April 27, 2022 | Tina Chubb

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World Cup 2010: Interactivity from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

When it comes to the world of soccer, fans have never really been shy about expressing their opinions. However, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa – which many say is the first of the “social media age” – might just see record levels of interactivity across the globe.

Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube were still in their infancy when the last World Cup was held in Germany back in 2006. But since then, they have exploded in popularity and millions of people from across the world, now connect through social media.

“Football is the world’s biggest sport, so the world will practically stop for the month of the World Cup,” Matt Stone – who is head of new media for world soccer’s governing body FIFA – told CNN recently. He then went on to say that social media will bring fans closer together.

It will also give fans from either side of the world an opportunity to communicate with each other, whether it is about goals scored, or referees’ decisions. FIFA has its very own social-networking service on called “The Club,” which currently has 1.6 million members.

Stone also said that Facebook Connect will be incorporated into the website, and that FIFA is planning to launch official Twitter accounts for the 2010 World Cup. You can read more of this story through

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  1. Agree with Craig. I'm a huge football fan + active on Twitter. When big football teams faceoff they often become top trending topics on Twitter. I've gained a number of new followers because of my football related Tweets! On a sidenote, the company I work for,, did research a few weeks back re how poorly 'official' Fifa corporate sponsors were exploiting their affiliation with the World Cup online. Craig, you are miles ahead of some of Fifa's official partners!

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