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Google Earth Maps: Earth View Feature Explained

April 27, 2022 | Peter Chubb
Google Earth Maps: Earth View Feature Explained

Google Earth has seen a number of feature updates to make it a more complete service, the latest is how Google Earth, Google Maps and Earth View is now tied in together. So what is this new feature and how does it work? Thankfully Google LatLong is on hand to help us.

We all know how Google Earth works; it is a satellite view than can also be seen via Maps. Earth View is different as it allows you to get the full experience in detail, such as close-ups of mountain ranges, under the world’s oceans and also 3D images of buildings.

Now that Earth View is built within maps, you can easily switch from one to another just by clicking the “Map” button. This now allows you to have the best mapping tool available, and all for free. We have come a long way since those old atlas software discs from the likes of DK.

Earth View shares the same technology as Google Earth desktop, imagery is in the same resolution – so images can be viewed with ease. Why not give the plug-in a go today, visit

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