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Social Network Sites has 60% of U.S. Mobile Traffic

Social Network Sites has 60% of U.S. Mobile Traffic

Americans certainly love their cell phones; this can be seen with the recent survey that suggests that 60% of U.S. mobile traffic is to social network sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. The next closet category only gets just 13.65% of the traffic.

According to Stuart Dredge from, research firm Ground Truth said that an average user of MySpace or Facebook spends at least 30 and 40 minutes a week on their account – some of the people I know spend at least a couple of hours per day on these social sites, that’s not including when they are home on their laptops.

Facebook currently has more than 100 million mobile users, this number seems to be growing all of the time, and will in time have a greater share of the current 400 million overall users.

These figures grow thanks to the influx of new smartphones and their abbilty to gain access to the Internet faster than ever; the latest smartphones are always upgrading their social media apps to give the user a much better experience. And let us not forget that companies such as Microsoft have launched a range of smartphones specifically for social network use.

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