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iPhone 4G Enterprise Features: Should RIM Worry?

April 23, 2022 | Peter Chubb

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iPhone 4G Enterprise Features: Should RIM Worry?

There has been so much talk about the leaked iPhone 4G as well as the iPhone OS 4.0 that will run things, but we thought we would take a look at another aspect. We know that Apple currently has the biggest selling smartphone, but it is RIM and its huge range of BlackBerry handsets that have the biggest market share.

RIM was able to achieve this thanks to how successful their BlackBerry handsets were in the world of Enterprise. Apple have tried to gain a foothold with business users, but never seem to get anywhere, as do RIM in the consumer market.

RIM has tried twice now, but the BlackBerry Storm 1 and 2 could never get the attention it deserved – that’s because of its terrible touch interface. Apple has the perfect handset for business users, but it is the lack of enterprise features with its mobile OS that lets it down.

However, the early preview of iPhone OS 4.0 looks promising, multitasking and more email options is just a start. One thing is certain, Apple knows how to create a great product for the business user – you only have to look at its range of Mac based computers, all they need to do is transfer some of that knowledge over to its iPhone department.

If for some reason Apple gets it right with the iPhone 4G and its OS 4.0, should RIM worry?

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  1. Jacob W says:

    Should RIM worry? Yes. Hell, so should other manufacturers. What is more important is the integrated email and the secure email coming with the new OS. That, along with the iPhone already pioneering in medical circles, (Toronto and Houston?), it's already providing competition. Hell, construction contractors are also using iphone and the internet to make bids on/for services. Businesses come in more forms than just a suit and tie.

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