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General Election: Second live leaders’ debate on Sky tonight

General Election: Second live leaders’ debate on Sky tonight

Tonight (Thursday) it’s time for the second General Election live leaders debate, this time being televised on Sky News. The debate will be televised between 8:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. and followed with another Sky debate about how things went for each of the leaders, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

Last week we told you about how ITV coped with televising the debate and how they enabled viewers to join in at home (see earlier story). We then told you the about reactions to the debate in our later story. This time it’s the turn of Sky News and they will also be urging viewers at home to join in. If you go to you’ll find a dedicated leaders debate page, with live streaming as it happens.

There’s also a link to chat live via Facebook both before, it’s going on right now, during and after the debate. There’s a great Rate the Leader feature, showing instant reaction to the party leaders as it happens and there’s also a SkyNews Debate Day Buzz which is a very busy live site from members of the Sky News team also bringing the latest snippets of news.

Will you be watching the debate tonight? If so why not join on with the online activity while it actually happens? I tried this for the first time last week and there were some very insightful and sometimes very witty comments being made, plus the ability to see how the leaders were individually being rated was very telling. We’d be interested in hearing your opinions of the leader’s debate on Sky News tonight.

Source: SkyNews

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  1. Carol Dodson says:

    I remember the nineteen years we had with the conservatives they did not solve the countrys problems in that time, so for them to criticize labour AFTER 13 YEARS is a joke .
    The talk of protecting our borders is also a joke, thousands of young men died doing just that , we have no border controls at all. Any one can come and go and the country is now over run with the dregs of the world. IT IS TO LATE TO CHANGE THAT NOW , THEY ALL TALK THE TALK BUT THATS ALL IT IS THEY ARE ALL A WASTE OF SPACE !

  2. Beth C says:

    I have tuned it tonight following all the furore surrounding Nick Clegg's performance during the last debate. My first impression is that Mr Clegg is somewhat smarmy and also that he is trying to be too much of the man on the street using words like clobber, rubbish and talking about his family. My feeling is that we need a leader, someone that we can respect both at home and abroad. I also find Nick Clegg to be sycophantic and flatter the person posing the question as a way of earning "brownie points" which I find to be insincere. He uses assumed laughter and smiles as a way to coerce support - Gordon Brown and David Cameron are a lot more dour. I would be very frightened if the Liberal Democrats were to win as I don't feel there is enough substance there - but would not have this same fear if a Labour or Conservative government were to win the next election. Nick Clegg says he wants what everyone else wants without actually answering some of the questions and providing evidence as to how he would change things - he just seems to be about scoring points.

  3. R Hood says:

    one of the questions tonight was how to make politics more representative. well going by the maxim that power corrupts……… it is self evident that the current system of politics has produced a situation whereby MP's have filled their snouts at the trough. indicating that there is no counterbalance to their greed and therefore little regard to dmocracy either. perhaps the reason why so few people actually vote for in the first place.

    there should be three houses of parliament to make things democratic, one for the lords…..upper class, one for the commons….middle class, and one for the plebs…….working class. A classic formula for parity. think of the game paper scissors and stone a tripartite game not a duopoly.

    give the people a system worth voting for and not the drivel we have been fed since the last civil war.

    yours sincerely

    robin hood

  4. Purziwurzle says:

    Nick Clegg a one trick pony with not a lot of direct answers with substance.

  5. William Rees says:

    Brown polled 30% 26% 23% 29% I make this an average of 27%, not the 30% Sky News are giving!!

  6. Fiona Reade says:

    I watched the debate last night and why was it that when David Cameron was talking that instead of fixing the camera on his face most of the time as, happened with Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown, the camera filmed him twice from behind, several times panned view of the three of them and then of the audience? This did not happen as many times with the other two. Indeed I dont think the other two were filmed from the rear at all! Clever filming eh?!!!

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