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Social Media a glimmer of good for Volcano stranded travellers

There are thousands of stories abounding now about stranded air passengers around the world being left in limbo by the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland that continues to spew into European airspace. However as in all times of crisis, it sometimes shows a better side of human nature, as in how social media in this case, has been helping people.

A couple of days ago we brought you a story regarding a stranded passenger who had set up a Facebook page dedicated to travellers disrupted by the volcano. Since then we’ve heard more stories of social media put to a good cause in such instances.

An interesting article from tells how people have used Facebook and Twitter to try to source hotel rooms or alternative forms of transport. Travellers have requested rooms for the night via Twitter or Facebook whilst other kind people have offered accommodation. Other social tools used have been a Roadsharing site, while some have kept people entertained with their blogs about the situations.

Meanwhile a Twitter account was set up specifically for the ash cloud and now has over 2,000 followers already. It seems as though out of every bad situation a glimmer of good can be found with some people extolling the virtues of air traffic free skies. Have you used social media for your situation in the air ban chaos? We’d be interested in hearing of your experiences.


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