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Facebook page for travellers stranded due to volcano

Facebook page for travellers stranded due to volcano

As the volcano eruption in Iceland continues to spew out ash, disrupting more and more flights across Europe we hear news of an endeavour by one Facebook user using his initiative for the common good.

It seems that Tod Brilliant, a Facebook user who at present is stranded in France because of the volcanic ash cloud grounding flights, has used his time productively to set up a Facebook page called When Volcanoes Erupt: A Survival Guide for Stranded Travelers,devoted to travellers facing disruption all over the world.

According to who bring us this fascinating story the page reads, “Hundreds of thousands of us are stranded. Let’s come together, swap stories, keep our spirits up, and offer advice for coping with our situations”. Now that’s what I call enterprising.

Social media certainly appears more and more to come into its own in cases such as this, enabling people to pass information and assistance to each other at great speed. For full story go to In the meantime maybe you’re a marooned passenger yourself? Let us know your story if you’ve been left high and dry.

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  1. Peter Kips says:

    For the stranded travellers who are writers of books or musicians, it is an opportune moment to actually put down some scripts even as you think of ways to counter on such situations in the future. Volcanic eruption has become a worldwide concern since it has affected the economies of various countries either directly or indirectly.

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