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Twitter Trend King: Justin Bieber Thanks Fans

April 13, 2022 | Tina Chubb

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Twitter Trend King: Justin Bieber Thanks Fans

One thing can be said about 16-year old singer Justin Bieber, and that is that he loves his fans. And he doesn’t mind being honest and open about his adoration for the people that made him the megastar he is today either, especially the ones who use Twitter to keep him on top.

When speaking to MTV about his Twitter fans recently, Bieber said “They make me a trending topic on Twitter every day. It’s pretty incredible. My fans have made me a trending topic every day. I don’t think there’s been a day in the past month that I haven’t. So, it’s pretty incredible.”

“I love Twitter,” the “One Time” singer added. Justin said that he finds tweeting a perfect way to share all his comings and goings and to communicate directly with a few lucky girls whenever possible. “For sure I use it for being able to interact with my fans as well as promote stuff,” he said.

Asked how he decides which followers to reply to or retweet, Justin said “it just depends. It’s kind of like, it’s random.” But whoever he does decide to reply to, Bieber says they are always surprised. Have you ever been tweeted by Justin Bieber before? Let us know if you have.

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  1. sonu says:

    Hi… justin, i just wane to say i just love u ,u r the BEST…………… stay happy always……….. byyyyyyyyyyy (surbhi)

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