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Opera Mini for iPhone: First Review

April 13, 2022 | Daniel Chubb

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Opera Mini for iPhone: First Review

It’s been the belief of many iPhone users that they will never get to see the Opera Mini browser for iPhone, but this has been proven wrong in the last 24-hours. Apple has approved the mobile browser app.

You may feel that the Safari web browser is good enough, but you will want to check out a hands-on review from Apple Insider before making any decisions.

The review takes a look at a number of features, including the speed of web browsing over 3G, which was found to be twice as fast with normal web pages. This may be thanks to Opera running the content through it’s own servers first, which compresses different data like photos.

When looking at page rendering quality and native look & feel, they found a few problems with page loading. Opera Mini does not use WebKit and instead uses its own browser engine, which results in some pages not loading properly.

It seems pages will load faster, but can result in less compatibility with certain websites. The reviewer said in their summery that the “Opera Mini browser feels foreign as an iPhone app”. Read the full review on Will you give Opera Mini for iPhone a try?

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