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Bebo Closing Down Rumors: What will happen to content?

[ 31 ] April 12, 2022 | Peter Chubb

Bebo Closing Down Rumors: What will happen to content?

Following on from our recent post that Bebo is to either be sold or closed down by owners, AOL, it is to be expected that users are now worried as to what will happen to the content that they uploaded? Some of this includes photos, videos and personal information.

Sarah Gavin, a spokeswoman for Bebo said that it is still too early to say what will happen to this content if the social network site is shut down. It is not known if they will be able to retrieve the content or if it will be lost forever.

AOL are doing all they can to find someone interested in purchasing Bebo from them, this cannot be done until a complete strategic evaluation is done – this will be completed by the end of May.

According to Claire McEntee who writes on, Bebo only had 12.8 million unique visitors in February, compare that to Facebook’s 426 million users. This shows you just how small Bebo looks when compared to the most popular social network site in the world.

Bebo’s popularity has been declining steadily month-on-month, so the news that AOL were to sell up or close the service down did not come as a surprise. This is something that happens to the best of them, MySpace used to be a powerhouse in this market, but look how they have fallen.

Let us know out thoughts on Bebo.

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Comments (31)

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  1. paula says:

    Awww this is absolutely shocking!! facebook is totally crap!!! grrrrrrr aol sort this out!!!!

  2. Ayleshaa says:

    omg, this is a load of rubbish. facebook sucks compared to bebo!! people actually spend hald their days on bebo, so why close it down ?

    please don't let it happen.

    thankyou. x

  3. Sarah says:

    Why they shutting bebo down for? Just because facebook has higher users than bebo doesn’t mean that they have to close bebo down. Not all people dislike bebo and its upto the users to delete bebo or keep it. So i dont think you should close bebo down because there’s other people out there that like using bebo!

  4. Sacred says:

    ii agree with the comment above.. i personaly am one of a bebo user .. i love bebo more then other websites esp facebook. i hate face book ; its borring and nothing really interesting about it .. i consider aol to sort it out too.. please do keep bebo.. facebook isn’t gonna win .. BEBO will be more noticeable then facebook . please do keep bebo.

  5. Laura says:

    If this is true and bebo is definatley shutting down can you give plenty of notice and make a simple system that people can copy and paste hole albums at once to their own computers or Usb key’s ‘CD’s etc,instead of one photo at a time. I dont want to lose my 100’s of photo’s.

  6. Sarah-Lou says:

    No point shutting it down. People stil love bebo. I use both bebo and facebook and i find bebo more colourful and it express' your personality better whereas facebook just plain white and blue. i like both and use them daily. There are people that use it all the time and its unfair to those who put all their content and effort of displaying their own personal page. Please keep it on board…

  7. Una says:

    if you close it down my day won't go the same
    i won't live
    please noooo!!!

  8. lee says:

    Bit sad its going, but face book is way better

  9. beboper says:

    close it down then tidy it up, get the apps and the other shite on it to fuck and make everyone re-register to a new better bebo
    bet that works to make ppl interested again

  10. THE BIG MAN says:

    in my opinion bebo isnt closing i think the opposite is more true as BEBO cleverly uses the media as an advertising tool
    MY FACE AND SPACEBOOK are pretty crap with there childesh farm and zoo games never did get the hang of them

    facebook = dull boring day at nursery
    myspace = too much going on dont know where to start
    bebo = i found love with a lil bebo and msn great on a rainy day and when ebay aint such a good idea

    just my opinion thou

  11. f.b says:

    unlucky for bebo if they do close down, i know 250 friends plus myself that where on bebo are now on facebook, only 20% of them still like bebo better? So what does that tell ya, facebook is a great site if you can get used to it you will love it.

  12. _viviaan says:

    Ngaw ; this is absolutley sad, why ?

  13. Ash says:

    dont close bebo its way ! better
    than facebook or myspace ! PLEASE
    its the only reason why i go on the net

  14. Alex says:

    i heard that people only use facebook
    because the games are better, but
    otherthan that bebo is way way more
    better. bebos Cool please dont shut it down!!

  15. Laurennn says:

    Okay … The closure of Bebo will be the end of me! What about the friends you have that you can only get in cotntact with through Bebo? And the many happy hours I spend snooping at peoples "Turkey 08" Photos :O Bebo is a huge part of my daily routine … Please don't close my best friend :( …… Actullay maybe I should just consider getting a life :S But none the less… it is my desision if I want to be a complete looser and I say YES I DO !!!! :D

  16. Lucie says:

    It's just a profile site your not going to miss much.


  17. jenny says:

    please, dont take bebo away i love it and i know 1000s of people who do.
    with out bebo im lost. i sit on it all night.
    please, .. dont? xxxx

  18. kate says:

    Just let us get our photo's etc off it easily b4 closing it down if its at all true!!

  19. Amy says:

    I absolutely agree with the third comment from the top which is Sarah. Who agrees?
    Because I think it is a really bad idea to close Bebo down because so many people spend their time on Bebo and they use Bebo to show a way of showing their personality to others and they can make a lot of friends plus what they going to do with all the loves that they earned?
    So many people have reached 1000 loves and more isnt't it going to upset them if it just gets all deleted despite all their effort?
    No that is really wrong.
    I hope you all agree with me!
    Thank youu!

  20. liv coopz says:

    man im surprised they're lookn at shutting bebo down, when the other small poos like hi5 is still roaming around and annoying the hell outta me!! bebo will always be the place that started it all…

  21. chev says:

    noooooooooooo……………. dnt shut bebo dwn
    bebos the best
    facebooks gay

  22. John says:


  23. libby says:

    bebo rocks unlike facebook, please don't shut bebo down surely something can be done to keep it going strong, facebook is rubbish i don't know why people like it so much come on all you fellow beboers lets help bebo stay

  24. don says:

    save all your pictures before it closes free and easy to do

  25. Bebo Obsessed says:

    You cant shut down bebo! Its so much more fun and colourful and BETTER than facebook! facebook only has lik farmville and bebo has TONNES of games and apps! you can share the love and express yourself with skins ! I only joined 2 years ago and i have fallen in love with it! PLEASE DONT SHUT BEBO DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. April says:

    when is it closing down?

  27. Ste says:

    its about time facebook owns the market! i deleted my bebo ages! from a ownership perspective i see why AOL are abandoning it after the obscene amount they paid!
    Look at it this way if i want to advertise why would i advirtise n bebo when facebook has a gigantic userbase?/

  28. Dove says:

    Bebo is the best of them all so far. We can have privacy before inviting or allowing anybody to viisit our personal page. PLEASE DO NOT SHUT DOWN. God bless you hearts and mind. We will pray for prosperity if you do not shut it down. Sincerely your new friends.

  29. Stella says:

    bebo is the only way i can communicate with people overseas as facebook and myspace is too complex for them. I have millions of Photoes that have captured so many memories !! Please , how do we stop this from happening !!!

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