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Social Media Marketing: 10 Essential Tools for B2B

Social Media Marketing: 10 Essential Tools for B2B

Marketing within social media is becoming much easier – thanks to the huge range of tools available. Being able to market your business is one of the most important things that you will do and will dictate its success. There are thousands of tools available to do just that – finding the right one is often very hard.

However, Mashable has done the legwork for you and managed to pick out 10 essential tools for B2B. These tools have been designed to do work uniquely with the needs of B2B.

First up is This is a web-based CRM and embracing social media better than most – offering a number of solutions by utilizing its Service Cloud 2 platform.

Next we have HootSuite: This tool not only allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts, but multiple social networks as well – including Facebook and LinkedIn.

CoTweet: This tool is a bit on the expensive side, but certainly worth it as it is considered to be a Twitter CRM tool. This tool has been used by some of the biggest brands in the world, including Ford.

These are just three of the top ten B2B marketing tools, for details on the rest visit Mashable

Learn more about B2B with a list of tips.

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