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Investor on Enterprise: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Investor on Enterprise: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

When it comes to choosing the best social networking tools for business, these would have to be Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Vendors have tried to recreate these top three but found that they were being blocked from the public Internet. Well that is what a venture capitalist said.

Jon Brodkin who rights for Network World said that businesses now know this, which is why they are looking to software that will connect their enterprise data system to these top social networking sites. This will mean that it will be much safer for them to continue using Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

Mike Maples, Jr. from Floodgate who has been involved with Digg and Twitter said that these businesses have no reason to try and replicate what these social networking sites have done – instead they should embrace them.

However, the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will need to offer a better enterprise solution. There is not enough APIs being pushed to make this possible – these social networking sites needs to know how important it is for great access control for enterprise users.

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  1. I agree that the major social networking platforms need to offer a better enterprise solution to make them more viable for business.

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