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South Park Facebook Episode Receiving a Lot of Attention

[ 0 ] April 8, 2022 | Tina Chubb

South Park Facebook Episode Receiving a Lot of Attention

The fourteenth season of “South Park” continued last night, with the airing of episode 4. The episode was titled “You Have 0 Friends,” and was all about social networking and Facebook in particular. And according to, the episode appears to be getting a lot of attention.

But people aren’t talking about the episode because Kenny was killed, or Cartman was anally probed or even because they managed to use a swear word over a 1000 times. They are talking about it because it had a strong social message about how Facebook can take over people’s lives.

The basic idea of the episode was that the South Park kids joined Facebook – with the exception of Stan who said he wanted no part of it. Kyle tried to explain to Stan that he needs to be on Facebook, so he can message his friends, play Yahtzee with them and build a virtual farm.

Cartman then reminds everyone that chick friends are worth more than their dude friends. The scenes then show us desperate kids, begging people to “please add me as your Facebook friend.” It may only be a cartoon but for many, that can sound a little too familiar.

Stan then spends most of the episode trying to make his point that people don’t need to tell the world what they are thinking every minute of the day. And it’s true, people don’t need to be friends on Facebook to be real friends, and kids can go outside and play real games with real friends.

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