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iPhone OS 4.0: Release, multitasking, and download for devs

April 8, 2022 | Matt Tran


iPhone OS 4.0: Release, multitasking, and download for devs

The news is in… Its just been confirmed! iPhone OS 4.0 has just brought multitasking to the party! Steve Jobs just announced the news at the live Apple event, which will send all technology fans around the world crazy.

Apple says they’ve worked out how to implement third party multitasking without reducing performance or battery life. They are currently demoing the new features of their upcoming software, which the company states will include as many as 100 new features.

The OS 4 is set for its big release in the summer although no exact date has been specified. According to its other features will include: Multitasking and background locations via the Flickr app, voice over ip with Skype, custom wallpapers and background audio with Pandora.

Developers will be able to download a preview release of iPhone OS 4.0 from today, and these devs will have access to quicklook, photo library, calendar, and more.

The prospect of all these new features packed together should make the iPhone OS more desirable than ever. It shouldn’t be long now so start counting down the days!

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