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General Election 2010: BBC wants you to ‘Join In’

[ 4 ] April 6, 2022 | Debbie Turner

General Election 2010: BBC wants you to ‘Join In’

The General Election 2010 was officially confirmed today for May 6th by Gordon Brown. This date had been well-known for some time although not official, so the pundits were not disappointed in today’s announcement. For those of you interested in technology and social media you will be well aware of the impact those things will have on this upcoming election.

Social media will really come to the fore for the first time at an election as more and more people are switched on to using various methods. The BBC are asking for people to join in their coverage on TV, radio and online, and stress the part that people at home can play could be very important.

They want to know the issues that matter to you, about election related news events, or if something unusual or odd is happening related to the General Election where you live. If you go to this BBC News ‘Join In’ coverage page you can find a text number for mobile phones to send pictures or videos, or alternatively an email address for sending in more of the same.

There’s a link to upload your pictures and there will be regular ‘Have Your Say’ Debates online, looking at a variety of issues. If you want to use Twitter there are also Twitter contact details. So why not play your part in this General Election? The use of social media in particular is bringing a whole new audience to politics and some would say it’s sorely needed. Let us know how you intend to participate and what the important issues are to you?

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  1. Tomtompiper says:

    My main concern is which David Cameron will we get if the Conservatives get in? The well rehearsed slick politician or the one who crumbles under pressure when he strays for his lines?

  2. Rose Ann says:

    could someone tell me if Nick Clegg gets more seats how can he not be prime minister? everyone says it will be a hung Parliament

  3. Spirit says:

    Margaret Thatcher
    John Major
    David Cameron???????

    Enough said - vote labour

  4. h.r barker says:

    can some one say what is the labour stand on fox huntingh.rh

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