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Twitter’s Time: Facebook did it to MySpace and Bebo

April 5, 2022 | Matt Tran

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Twitter’s Time: Facebook did it to MySpace and Bebo

Facebook beware! Another social networking giant has risen. Yes that’s right… the big blue bird of twitter is taking over and the worlds internet users are flocking in their millions to jump onto the twitter bandwagon.

Just as Facebook’s arrival ended the reign of MySpace and Bebo, Twitter, the microblogging service, is rapidly overtaking Facebook as the new in-thing. Everyone is going crazy for it! One user admitted: “I have Twitter on my work PC, my laptop and two mobile phones. I check my Twitterfeed on the bus, at home, on the golf course and in the pub”. Is Twitter a little addictive?

Whilst Facebook is still a worldwide craze with millions of users it appears to be the celebrities who are also having a say on who wears the social networking crown. With stars such as Katie Price and Cheryl Cole (just to name a few) regularly using the site, it attracts thousands of fans to sign up each day and then follow and post questions to their idols.

So Twitter is giving Facebook a taste of its own medicine but by no means is their ship sinking. As a Facebook user myself I know that thousands of new people sign up each day, continuing to make it arguably the most popular social site in the world. However some users are being converted from Facebookers to tweeters after becoming frustrated with updates and changes to the website format, not to mention the “change in privacy settings for the benefit of advertisers”. If you fancy hearing the experience of an enthusiastic Facebook and Twitter user and his change in opinions over time check out this article on The Telegraph.

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