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iPhone 4G and iPad Buzz: Apple’s Brand Is Gold

April 2, 2022 | Daniel Chubb
iPhone 4G and iPad Buzz: Apple’s Brand Is Gold

Within the last few weeks I was at Social Media World Forum in London, and a few things hit me that day. You could see how fast social media is growing within different platforms, and how serious big brands were taking social media sites.

At the event we learned what some brands were doing with social media, and heard about the market appeal of these brands. Without naming them – we’re sure you know some – certain brands have lost a lot of market share over the last few years, and they are busy planning how to gain this back with advertising and social media involvement.

One name keeps coming up, which most people agreed it seemed to write it’s own rules when it came to market appeal. This brand was Apple.

Why is Apple so good at setting the benchmark? The iPhone did it in the smartphone market, the iPod did it for MP3 players, and the MacBook did it for laptops. If you have moved from a Windows PC to Mac OS X, you will know the difference is stability. Nearly all Apple products feel sleeker, and seem to set the benchmark in that industry.

Apple’s Brand Is Gold: The current buzz for the iPhone 4G and iPad launch is amazing, everywhere you look, it’s news about the iPad and a new site or service that’s supporting it. You don’t see such a large change for other devices.

In the last few days we have heard about Google optimizing Maps, YouTube, and Gmail for the new iPad. Ustream and other services are planning live video and TV shows for the iPad. All the major brands and companies are releasing iPad apps; this includes Marvel, WSJ, and many more making iPad specific apps.

PCMag has posted an article about iPad development today; they say new projects started within Flurry over the last 2 months were 22 percent iPad related. Adding to this, Apple’s iPhone was 67 percent of new projects. BlackBerry was just 1 percent, and Android apps were 10 percent.

How has Apple become part of your life? What do you think of the iPhone 4G and iPad Buzz?

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