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Call of Duty 8: 2011 Xbox 360 and PS3 Social Media Ideas

April 2, 2022 | Daniel Chubb

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Call of Duty 8: 2011 Xbox 360 and PS3 Social Media Ideas

The glitches and problems that different Call of Duty games have had may be expected for a game with such a following, and the sales figures continue to impress and show that gamers love playing the CoD series.

The latest update was for MW2 and it’s first map pack, which hit the Xbox 360 first. This update was hit with many problems – read about some here and here – and the developers are confident that these problems will not affect its number one status. Community manager Robert Bowling saidI don’t see it slipping any time soon”.

What we would like to touch on today is the future of the Call of Duty series, and how it could improve with more social media gaming features. Upcoming games are said to include Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty 8 by Activision, and also a rumored unnamed game is being development by Sledgehammer Games.

How could Call of Duty 8 and future games improve social media integration? Some ideas may include sending messages to Twitter directly from the game, and printing the screen during gameplay and sending that winning kill directly to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites.

What ideas can you think of for social media gaming and Call of Duty? What would you like to see on the Xbox 360 and PS3?

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  1. Swaps says:

    Gotta think big! I'm working on this game idea that deals with just this. mmorpg for first-person shooter. I'm creating the game manual for it and actually came across this article while doing some research on how to get my get developed. Good article as I share the same feelings that call of duty has to get more social interaction but i'd like to see it while playing not just to be able to send a tweet or update my facebook status that i'm playin' call of duty - gotta get more social with others playing and be more character driven.

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