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Topeka: Google April Fools, was you fooled?

April 1, 2022 | Peter Chubb
Topeka: Google April Fools, was you fooled?

Whenever April Fools Day comes around you can expect two things, your friends to play a joke on you and Google to play a prank on its users. This year was no exception – this time though the search engine giant went all out and said that they had changed their name from Google to Topeka.

The Prank had started about a month ago when Topeka said that they would rename the town to Google – this was because the city was competing to enter the “Fiber for Communities” program. More on this can be found by visiting Google.

Google thought that it would be funny to do a switch and call themselves after the name of the Kansas City – ABC News believes that this has to be the best prank yet by Google.

As you would imagine, there has been a huge amount of buzz on this news on Twitter. Facebook users have been playing pranks on each other; you can read more about in our recent article.

Did Google fool you this year?

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